Do you think gambling in casinos is stupid and a waste of time and money?

Do you think addicting gambling is stupid?
I do. You?
I mean half of the time you don’t win any money and you find out that it was a waste of time and money.



  1. math_lover_00
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    Hi Laura! Here is my perspective of gambling. Gambling is not a waste of time for everyone. To make things simple to understand, there are basically TWO main types of people that go to casinos. The GAMBLER, and the CUSTOMER. Customers are just regular people who come to the casinos for enjoyment. Some of these customers come once a year, others come many times a year. Sure they want to win, but they are mainly enjoying the entertainment, and are not too much concerned about losing. I wouldn't consider this as a waste of time, because they've paid for the entertainment. Then, there is the GAMBLER. You have the WINNING gambler, and the LOSING gambler. YES, it is a proven fact that casinos can be beaten. However, only a small percentage of ""sophisticated"" gamblers can successfully develop a strategy/system that can consistently win at casinos. Usually, these games are Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, and BlackJack. These intelligent winning gamblers make a living from the casinos. Therefore, it is not a waste of time for them. They are actually being paid "excellent" money for their time. They are having fun, but they are not there for fun. It is strictly business! The only problem that these WINNING gamblers have is HIDING from the Casino Management. It is totally unfair, but casinos DO NOT ALLOW INTELLIGENT GAMBLERS into their casinos. If they discover that you understand how to play the games at a skillful level, they will ask the WINNING gambler to leave! If you come back, you're arrested! This explains why casinos stay in business! They kick out the intelligent winners, and trap in all the losers! Now, the LOSING Gambler is a gambler who wins big quite often, BUT LOSES WAY MORE! They are there to win, but have very weak strategies for winning! Therefore, in the long run, they are losing far more than they win. Some of these losing gamblers are willing to spend their entire paychecks, or even rent/bill money just to gamble. The losing gambler is why there are hotlines available for gambling addictions. Therefore, you may consider it a waste of time for these losing gamblers.
  2. Tamara9954
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    I find it relaxing and entertaining. A night out at a casino can cost less (and yes, sometimes come home with a profit) than dinner and a show. I love the thrill of it.

  3. coldrain
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    That’s why you should only play poker in a casino. You play any other casino games, you will lose in long term.

  4. beark_2000
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    yes i think its a waste of money and casinos are no place to spend all of your hard earned cash

  5. iambobconti
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    Casinos are very alluring and fun if not only for the fun of people watching. you dont have to bet…but if you do chose to lay out your money…you either have to be willing to lose (set yoour limits) and have fun…or you need to have a plan on how to win (money management and strategy)…good luck!!

  6. V. town lee
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    Totally stupid! I’ve lived in Vegas my whole life, I just turned 40.
    If I never had gambled, I would be able to retire now! But I started working when I was 15. Not to mention, I really never gambled to real extremes. Comparing myself to people I grew up with here, I’m no where close to how much they have blown!! Kinda sad.

  7. Vegas Matt
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    Gambling is a type of entertainment that you pay to play. If you don’t enjoy the games or the price of admission, just don’t play. Simple as that. It would be like a person who hated playing golf trying to play a round at Doral for $200 then complaining that it wasn’t any fun and was a waste of money.

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