Be strong like a boar.

B- Breathe.  Take at least 3 mindful breaths.  Breathe in deeply, with awareness, feeling your breath in your nostrils, filling your lungs.  Exhale fully, completely. Slow down.

O- Observe. Using the third eye, pay attention to your present experience, without judging yourself.

Do the 4 lines check; zero in on 3 words for each area, your:

Heart (emotions), Body, Mind, and Soul (Observer, Self, or Seer).


  • What are you feeling, in your Heart? If you can’t identify it, you won’t be able to know what’s at the root of your behavior or your thoughts. Take some time.  Guess what you are feeling, if you need to.
  • What’s going on in your Body, somatically? Tightness in your chest? A rash on your neck? Simply observe your experience, without questioning it, trying to change or control it. Use three words if you can, to sum it up.
  • What is happening in your Mind? Are your thoughts racing? Do you seem stuck, or notice a fog or dullness? Label it with three words or phrases.
  • What do you notice deep within, in your Soul? The part of you that is your deepest Self?  Do you feel connected to something greater? Do you seem estranged from or disillusioned by God? Are you angry at the universe, for suffering?  Notice it, and where you are in this moment.

A- Allow.  Simply allow what is happening in yourself right now.  No shoulds. Don’t add a “story.” Mindfully accept what Is, without trying to change it. Breathe again.

R-  Re:  You choose what you need! Find a word or words for your next step.

Refrain                                   Responsibly move forward              Refuse

Refer                                       Rework                                               Relate

Refuse                                    Reflect                                                 Refinish

Relate                                     Refocus                                               Re-choose

Refinish                                  Remind                                               Restructure

Re-choose                               Regroup                                             Rewrite

Re-align                                  Replay                                                Reach out

Refute                                     Regroup                                             Re-energize

Re-birth                                  Re-do                                                  Re-look

Rest                                         Re-ignite                                             Refer

Restructure                            Restructure                                        Re-energize

Re-write                                 Respond, don’t react

Reach out                               Re-breathe

Copyright 2016 ~Pamela W. Brinker. LCSW
Thanks to Open Sky Wilderness Therapy and Tara Brach